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Eric Canori Author
  • ​As a kid, I needed a safe place to eat and sleep

  • Almost jumped to end the pain

  • Started with pennies

  • Became a self-made millionaire by age 22

  • Did over $300,000,000 by age 29

  • Interviewed hundreds of people before the iPhone existed

  • Tried jail, and did prison 

  • Rushed to the ER twice by helicopter, and numerous times by ground 

  • The federal government says I’m a mastermind

  • Now I'm here to share knowledge and wisdom for one main purpose — to help you succeed

A memoir by ERIC CANORI

Pressure is the unbelievable true story of Eric Canori, who buried $10,000,000 worth of gold bars in the woods — and later used them to buy himself out of prison.

Eric Canori Book

Eric Canori was one of the largest high-end marijuana dealers on the East Coast of the United States — before it became legal in any state — smuggling weed out of Canada via 18-wheelers, helicopters, and boats. He operated like a ghost, doing well over $300,000,000 of business by age 29 — without a gun or the government knowing.


The memoir begins in Canori's childhood, locked in his bedroom looking at posters of athletes and rock stars, dreaming of all the things he wants to do and become in life. The story ends with him in a prison cell, staring at barren walls, with nothing to see except a reflection of himself in a tiny, scratched-up mirror. In between these scenes, he takes the reader on a joyride from the bottom to the top. At the bottom, he scrubs toilets while the other kids are making friends, and at the top, he shares penthouse suites with women from all over the globe, as he evades the DEA for close to fifteen years while leading a lifestyle that most people consider unattainable. Canori was a rock star in his industry, but there was one thing he could never shake — his buried pain. A pain so deep, that it could only be dealt with when he was locked up alone.


Pressure is an epic tale of determination, resilience, and inner transformation. It displays Eric Canori’s quest for love and acceptance — through money, sex, and drugs. The book will inspire you to re-evaluate the way you live, as it showcases what is essential in life: our relationship to the natural world, to ourselves, and to each other.

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